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mbus HFCE Send


HFCE Send Advanced function sends HFCE data and offers error injection tools.

The errors input gathers errors to inject, if any. The mbus HFCE Message Error Inject function is useful to create the errors parameters with selected errors to inject.

The errors parameter is a one-dimension array. Errors index 0 codes for the first HFCE message, index 1 codes for the second message, and so on.

The hfceMsgs is built as detailed in the HFCE overview.

error in in error conditions that occur before entering the function
portHandle in reference to the configured port
msgCount in number of HFCE messages to send
hfceMsgs in HFCE words to be sent
errors in HFCE errors. Default is 0 (no error). Use mbus HFCE Message Error Inject for help.
portHandle out reference to the configured port
sentWordCount out number of HFCE words actually sent
sentMsgCount out number of HFCE messages actually sent
error out out error information
function return out function execution status

Handle parameters are available as input and output. Output is a copy of the input and may be used to daisy chain successive VIs and reduce wire density.


Available in Multibus VI 1.0 and later.

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