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mbus A717 Port


A717 Port Config function sets up the selected port configuration. This function opens a port and provides a portHandle. This portHandle must be wired to all subsequent VIs that uses this port.

error in in error conditions that occur before entering the function
sessionHandle in reference to the current Multibus session block handle
portNumber in port number to configure
bitEncoding in the way bits are encoded: Harvard Biphase or Bipolar RZ
subFrameSize in subframe size in number of words
rawMode in Must be kept to False (default) for standard ARINC 717 subframe-based receive method. Can be set to True (advanced), to enabled raw mode. More information is provided below.
loopback in ARINC 717 words are looped back from Tx port to the Rx port
sessionHandle out reference to the current Multibus session block handle
portHandle out reference to the configured port
error out out error information
function return out function execution status

Handle parameters are available as input and output. Output is a copy of the input and may be used to daisy chain successive VIs and reduce wire density.

Receive mode  
Standard 12-bit words are assembled into subframes with correct subFrameSize. Four synchronization words must be detected before data starts to be returned to user application. Each subsequent subframe must have a valid synchronization word to be returned to user application
Raw mode Data stream is parsed into 12-bit long words and returned to user application as it is. There is no synchronization word needed and no subframe assembled.

Note that both modes require to correctly set subFrameSize to adjust reading speed.


Available in Multibus VI 1.2 and later.

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