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A429 Receive


A429 Receive Loop demo is used to execute multiple A429 message receive cycle.
The A429 Send demo is used to transmit the A429 messages.


Once session is started, this demo configures the A429 port (speed, message size and internal loopback).

Before starting the receive cycle, user needs to select the number of receive cycles and wait time between these cycles. Once the cycles are executed the port is closed and the session is terminated.

Running both Send and Receive demos

The A429 Receive and the A429 Send VIs are used to demonstrate sending and receiving A429 messages using disctincts VIs. The Receive demo VI will reset the device and must be started before the Send VI demo.

1- Open boths A429 Receive and A429 Send
2- Start A429 Receive
3- Start A429 Send

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