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A429 Suspend


A429 Suspend Resume demo is used to schedule ARINC 429 words transmit / receive cycle with the possibility:
- to select the word rate for each ARINC 429 label
- to suspend / resume the ARINC 429 scheduler


Once session is started, this demo configures the ARINC 429 port features (speed, parity and internal loopback).

Before starting the transmit / receive cycle, user needs to select the number of words to transmit, the word rate for each ARINC 429 label and enter the ARINC 429 words to send onto the data bus.

Once the cycle is executed, user has the possibility to suspend the ARINC 429 scheduler, during this time lapse no more labels are received. To be able to receive labels again, user can resume the ARINC 429 scheduler. At the end of the cycle, the port is closed and the session is terminated.

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