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mbus CSDB Update


The CSDB Update Labels function updates data attached to multiple CSDB labels in a periodic transmit. The CSDB labels must have already been created and have its rate defined. Refer to mbus CSDB Send Labels At Rates to first add CSDB labels.

The SI parameter is an optional advanced parameter. It can be kept unwired or wired to false for non-advanced needs.

When SI is set to true, the scheduler treats outgoing messages using the same label but different Source Identifiers (SI) as separate messages.

The SI is the two Least Significant Bits of the data. It serves as a label extension and can help differentiate two identical units in the same environment.

When SI is enabled, the pair label-SI are the message ID and each label-SI pair can have its own rate.

error in in error conditions that occur before entering the function
portHandle in reference to the configured port
labelCount out number of CSDB messages to update
labels in CSDB labels to update
messageWords in CSDB new data to override
si in Advanced settings, refer to above description for details. Set to false by default
portHandle out reference to the configured port
error out out error information
function return out function execution status

Handle parameters are available as input and output. Output is a copy of the input and may be used to daisy chain successive VIs and reduce wire density.


Available in Multibus VI 1.3 and later.

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