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mbus A717


A717 is the basic function to send ARINC 717 data. It transmits frmCount subframes from the a717Frames buffer.

error in in error conditions that occur before entering the function
portHandle in reference to the configured port
frmCount in number of ARINC 717 subframes to send
a717Frames in ARINC 717 subframes to send
portHandle out reference to the configured port
sentFrmCount out number of ARINC 717 subframes actually sent
sentWordCount out number of ARINC 717 words actually sent
error out out error information
function return out function execution status

Handle parameters are available as input and output. Output is a copy of the input and may be used to daisy chain successive VIs and reduce wire density.

a717Frames is a 1D array of ARINC 717 12-bit words to send. 12-bit words are cast into 16-bit words in 1D array. To help with getting synchronization right, first word of each subframe codes for a subframe ID. Subframe IDs are 0, 1, 2 and 3. Multibus VI replaces subframe ID with correct sync word, as follows:

Subframe ID Associated sync word
0 0x247
1 0x5B8
2 0xA47
3 0xDB8

Example of a717Frames with subframe size of 64 words:

Index LabVIEW Data Data to send
0 0 Translates into 0x247
1 0x0001 Sends 0x001
2 0x0002 Sends 0x002
3 0x0003 Sends 0x003
... etc.
64 1 Translates into 0x5B8
65 0x0101 Sends 0x101
66 0x0102 Sends 0x102
67 0x0103 Sends 0x103
... etc.
128 2 Translates into 0xA47
129 0x0201 Sends 0x201
130 0x0202 Sends 0x202
131 0x0203 Sends 0x203
... etc.
192 3 Translates into 0xDB8
193 0x0301 Sends 0x301
194 0x0302 Sends 0x302
195 0x0303 Sends 0x303
... etc.
256 0 Translates into 0x247
257 0x0401 Sends 0x401
... etc.


Available in Multibus VI 1.2 and later.

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