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mbus HFCE Message Error


The mbus HFCE Message Error unpackages a HFCE error ID into several individual HFCE errors. Input HFCE error can come from mbus HFCE Receive

error in in error conditions that occur before entering the function
error in HFCE error
preambleError out preamble error status
postambleError out postamble error status
oddLengthError out odd length error status
crcError out CRC error status
packetSizeError out packet size error status
bitCountError out bit count error status
errorDecoding out decoding error status
crc out HFCE packet CRC
dataSize out HFCE data size
packetSize out HFCE packet size
error count out number of HFCE errors
error out out error information


Available in Multibus VI 1.0 and later.

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