MX Foundation 4
MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::Sampling Struct Reference

Define the sampling direction Tx or Rx.

#include <mxf_class_a664.h>

Data Fields

uint64 options
uint64 rate
uint64 reserved

Field Documentation

uint64 MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::Sampling::options
Options Description
MXF_A664_PORT_SAMPLING_OPT_SEND_STALE_DATA Send current data if no new data is written.
uint64 MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::Sampling::rate

Sampling rate in μS or nS based on the timebase; must be greater than 5000 μS.

uint64 MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::Sampling::reserved

Reserved for future use. Must be set to 0.

Updated 10/23/2023