MX Foundation 4
MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx Struct Reference

Define the Tx direction parameters.

#include <mxf_class_a664.h>

Data Structures

struct  Sampling
 Define the sampling direction Tx or Rx. More...

Data Fields

uint64 subVl
uint64 fragmentationDisabled

Field Documentation

uint64 MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::subVl

subVl to use [0..3].

ar664_end_system.c, and ar664_end_system.cs.
uint64 MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::dir::Tx::fragmentationDisabled

Enable/Disable the frame fragmentation in Tx. The fragmentation of frame can take place when the
PDU size exceed the param MXF_A664_VL_PARAM::frameSizeMax (including the header overhead).
By default, if not set, the fragmentation is enabled.

Updated 10/23/2023