MX Foundation 4
MXF_MIL1553_ERROR_INJ Struct Reference

MIL 1553 Error Injection Structure. More...

#include <mxf_class_mil1553.h>

Data Fields

uint16 errors [34]
uint16 reserved [6]

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

uint16 MXF_MIL1553_ERROR_INJ::errors[34]

Error ID and parameter for each message word.
Bit 0..7 : Error ID
Bit 8..15 : Error Parameter (optional)
mxfMIL1553ErrorInjectionCompose() function can be used to help set the errors field.

Error ID Description
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_ADDRESS Overrides the command/status address.
May be set in the first 2 words only.
The 2nd word allows changing the RT-RT TX command address.
Param: Address (0..31)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_BITCNT Changes bit count of the word (-4..+3 bits).
Param: Bit count (12..19 bits)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_INVSYNC Inverts the sync pattern.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_ALTBUS Transmits on the alternate bus. Every word following will also be transmitted on the alternate bus until the end of the string on another word with MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_ALTBUS.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_TWOBUS Transmits on the two buses (Bus A and B).
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_PAR Inverts parity.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_WORDCNT Overrides the word count.
May be set in the first word only.
The awError[33] allows the user to inject an error to the 33rd word.
Param: Word count (0..33)
awError[33]: 33rd word
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_MANCHBIPHASEDATA Manchester error on data bit.
Param: Bit number (0..15)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_MANCHBIPHASEPARITY Manchester error on parity.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_MANCHSYNCLEVEL Invalid sync waveform.
Param: 6-bit mask of ½-bit sync level errors
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_STATUS_OV RT status override.
May be set in the first word only and with RT channels.
Param: awError[33]: Status override (16 bits)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_INVBIT Inverts the value of a bit
Param: Bit number to invert (0..15)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_OVERRIDE Do not wait for a response; transmits the next command immediately after the specified gap. It will also execute an MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_WORDCNT at the same time.
Param: Bit 15 set = NOW, else on GAP.
Bit[13-8]: Number of data words to transmit (0..33)
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_DONOTRESPOND Informs the RT that it must NOT respond to this subaddress command.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_RESPONDONERROR Informs the RT that it must respond to this subaddress command even if an error is detected. No ME will be logged.
Param: None
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_MANCHZEROCROSSING Specifies where the zero-crossing of a bit should occur.
Param: Bit[7-4]: specify which bit time should have the error (0 to 15).
Bit[2:0]: specify where the zero-crossing should occur within the bit.
Valid values are 1 to 7. Expressed in ⅛ bit time.
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_WORDGAP Inserts a word gap.
Param: Gap (0..255 ¼ bit time). On IPM-1553-MRT, the effective gap is rounded down to the nearest bit time.
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_SUPERSEDING Supersedes the actual command. Usually following a command that has MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_OVERRIDE set to specify the delay before overriding the command.
Param: Bit 15 set = send with parity error.
awError[33]: wait delay in ⅛ bit time (32 to 5984). On IPM-1553-MRT, the effective gap is rounded down to the nearest ¼ bit time.
MXF_MIL1553_ERRORID_NOOP Do not send this BC Command.
Param: None

*: Since the superseding error injection may apply on an incoming message string, if the latter is shorter than the wait delay or if the RT does not respond at all, the first of the following statements will take effect; response timeout reached, wait delay reached, EOS.

mil1553_bc_buserror_trigger.c, mil1553_bc_buserror_trigger.cs, mil1553_cond_branch_1.c, mil1553_ebr.c, mil1553_ebr.cs, mil1553_errors.c, mil1553_manyErrorInjections.c, and mil1553_rtErrorInjections.c.
uint16 MXF_MIL1553_ERROR_INJ::reserved[6]

Reserved for future use. Must be set to 0 when calling mxfMIL1553ErrorInjectionSet() function.

Updated 10/23/2023