MX Foundation 4
MXF_MIL1553_DATAREC::service::txAperiodic Struct Reference

#include <mxf_class_mil1553.h>

Data Fields

uint32 errorIndex
uint32 delay

Field Documentation

uint32 MXF_MIL1553_DATAREC::service::txAperiodic::errorIndex

Error injection index to use. Use in conjuction with MXF_MIL1553_TXAPERIODIC_REC_CTRL_ERROR_INJ of control field. Must be set to 0 if error injection is not used.

uint32 MXF_MIL1553_DATAREC::service::txAperiodic::delay

Delay to wait, in ⅛ bit time, before transmitting. Use in conjunction with MXF_MIL1553_TXAPERIODIC_REC_CTRL_GAP of control field. Minimum is 16 (2 bit time). Maximum is 0x7FFFF (65535.875 bit time). On IPM-1553-MRT, the effective delay will be rounded down to the nearest bit time value. By default, the start between this message and the previous message on the bus is delayed by a minimum of 4 bit time as specified in the MIL-1553 specification. This can be changed by using MXF_MIL1553_TXAPERIODIC_REC_CTRL_GAP and this field. Note that with value smaller than 32, the module may not achieve inter-message gap that fast.

mil1553_aperiodic_frame.c, mil1553_aperiodic_frame.cs, and mil1553_bm_acquisition_trigger.c.
Updated 10/23/2023