MX Foundation 4
MXF_ASCB_SAMPREC Struct Reference

ASCB Receive Sampling Structure. More...

#include <mxf_class_ascb.h>

Data Fields

uint64 timeTag
uint32 control
uint32 rate
uint32 errorCount
uint32 dataSize
uint16 data [256]

Detailed Description

This record structure is returned by the sampling service.

Field Documentation


Specifies the time when the data record has been received by the device. It is an absolute time expressed on the timebase set for the device.


The control field defines the condition under which the related record data was received.

The control bits are defined as follows:

Bit constant Description
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_HWCRC_ERROR The message was received with a bad hardware CRC.
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_DATACHKSM_ERROR The message was received with a bad data checksum.
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_DATACRC_ERROR The message was received with a bad data CRC.
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_FC_ERROR The message was received with an invalid FC.
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_FRAME_ABORT An abort sequence was detected (no closing flag).
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_SYNC_LOST A sync lost was detected before the end of the message.
MXF_ASCB_RX_REC_CTRL_BYTE_COUNT_ERROR The message has a an invalid byte count.

Time between the reception of the last two records expressed on the timebase (microseconds or nanoseconds). The maximum is about 4 seconds in nsec or 4000 seconds in usec.


Total error count. See control field for a list of detected errors. Increment by one even if there is more than one error in the message.


Number of bytes received in data array.


Data received.

Updated 10/23/2023