MX Foundation 4
MXF_A664_VL_PARAM::dir::Tx::Ede Struct Reference

Define the EDE Tx attributes for the VL and if the EDE framing must be generated.

#include <mxf_class_a664.h>

Data Fields

uint64 enable

Field Documentation

uint64 MXF_A664_VL_PARAM::dir::Tx::Ede::enable

Required for having Boeing EDE frames in transmission. The specific transmit logic for updating the fields in the EDE header is enabled. Note that when the COM port is created the EDE SID should be defined for each COM port.

ar664_aperiodicSap.c, ar664_com_queuing_basic.c, ar664_end_system.c, ar664_error_injection_detection.c, ar664_error_injection_detection_ede.c, ar664_raw_rx.c, ar664_recorder.c, and ar664_sampling.c.
Updated 10/23/2023