MX Foundation 4
MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::type::COM Struct Reference

Define the COM ports parameters.

#include <mxf_class_a664.h>

Data Fields

MXF_A664_PORT_ADRS srcAddress
MXF_A664_PORT_ADRS destAddress

Field Documentation

MXF_A664_PORT_ADRS MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::type::COM::srcAddress
MXF_A664_PORT_ADRS MXF_A664_PORT_PARAM::type::COM::destAddress

Destination Address (in host byte order).

  • For unicast transmission the address must be compliant to the 802.3 format and is set in the destAddress.

  • For multicast transmission an ARINC IP specific 32 bits address must be defined.

    The address have the following format: [e0:e0:vlid MSB:vlid LSB] and is fully qualified as follow:

    1: The most significant 16 bits [e0:e0:xx:xx] are used to define a specific multicast address.
    The two lower bytes "xx""are ignored.

    2: The field VLId defined in the structure MXF_A664_VL_PARAM of the API mxfA664VlCreate() is used to fill the least significant bits of the address.
ar664_com_queuing_basic.c, ar664_end_system.c, ar664_end_system.cs, ar664_error_injection_detection.c, ar664_error_injection_detection_ede.c, ar664_raw_rx.c, ar664_recorder.c, and ar664_sampling.c.

Define the UDP port for unicast or multicast address. Typically the ports 1024-65535 are used for COM ports (queuing - sampling) and 0-1023 for SAP ports

Updated 10/23/2023