With almost 35 years of experience in the Databus Test & Measurement Industry, MAX Technologies has gained trust from many global key-players. We have been working for many years with aircraft manufacturers, tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers, MRO companies and airlines.

We also put this expertise in your hands!

These services include:

Hardware Customization & Software Development

We can customize our existing products or build one following your specific hardware requirements. Also we can create software applications using our hardware and API tools to create the environment that you wish to have. Contact us today with a description of your case. Our wide range of expertise includes:

        • Data acquisition with Ethernet, USB and PCI-Express connectivity

        • Wide range of I/O and databus technologies

        • FPGA and CPU based systems design

        • Embedded Real-Time operating systems

        • Interfacing hardware with Matlab / Simulink

        • Application development

Following are some projects we recently delivered to our clients:

Massive Discrete I/O remote server

Our customer needed a unit capable of turning UDP-encapsulated data into hundreds of discrete outputs and hundreds of discrete inputs back onto a UDP stream of data. We delivered a turnkey system based on a FlexMAX 3U fitted with FlexMAX DIO-64 modules and embedding a tailor-made software to convert the UDP stream into Discrete outputs and vice-versa. No programming is required from our customer who can benefit from a simple configuration architecture to manage the solution.

Turnkey Air Data Computer Simulator

Our customer wanted to acquire a simulator reproducing the aircraft Air Data Computer (ADC) I/Os on the ground. We worked with the ADC simulator model provided by the ADC manufacturer to create a fully-grown clocked simulator interfacing with physical inputs and outputs. We also created an iPad application to give to the user the ability to provide state input to the system with a portable and mobile device.

Custom Matlab interfacing for real-time hardware-in-the-loop product

Our client working on a new Boeing airplane project needed a specialized software library for the purpose of interfacing MAX Technologies hardware product to their specialized Matlab / Simulink based real-time hardware-in-the-loop system. MAX Technologies successfully delivered the project with respect to the schedule.

Customized Hardware & Software interface for a simulator

Our client working a simulator project for an Airbus airplane needed a specialized hardware solution with a software library and a special embedded application for the purpose of interfacing to a Display Unit part of the simulator. MAX Technologies delivered the whole solution based of a custom FlexMulti product with built-in embedded software bridging the UDP traffic from the simulator to the custom ARINC protocol supported by the Display Unit. MAX Technologies successfully delivered the time-sensitive project.

Flightworthy data logger and analyzer

A reputable airplane manufacturer customer needed a ruggedized solution for data recording and analyzing in a flightworthy environment. The system was required to endure specified vibrations and EMI metrics. MAX Technologies modified a FlexMulti unit to meet the vibrations and EMI specifications. The resulting unit then passed all the required vibration and EMI tests. MAX Technologies successfully delivered the time-sensitive project.

Support, Consulting & Training

Our dedicated customer support team will help you with various tasks including MAX Technologies product registration, installation, and software activation, understanding MX Foundation API functions and using MAXIM GUI. Contact our support team.

We offer worldwide onsite consulting. MAX Technologies can send one or more engineers to your site to help you with your setup and provide guidance on our hardware and software usage.

Training is undoubtedly the best way to get started with MAX Technologies I/O and Databus products. We have custom solutions for training. Such training can cover various I/O and Databus protocols, API programming, tools and GUI apps hands-on. Training can be arranged at customer’s location worldwide, or in one of our Engineering Center in USA, Canada, and France.

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