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Multi Protocols 16 ports Avionics  IPack Module  - ARINC, Serial ASYNC/HDLC, Pulse/Freq. Generator, IRIG-B input and more...

Discrete I/O 24 lines differential I/O IPack Module with FIFO, transitions Timetags, IRIG-B signal input and more...

Analog to Digital 16-bit, 32 single or 16 differential inputs IPack Module with FIFO, IRIG-B signal input and more...../products/ipm-multi.html../products/ipm-dio-24.html../products/ipm-adc.html
COTS Test and Measurement Products
MAXIM is the perfect tool to help in various project phase including design, prototype, monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance of systems such as:
  1. EFCS test & validation rig
  2. Engine test rig
  3. Data acquisition systems
  4. Integrated systems test rig
  5. Command and Control systems
  6. Simulation systems
  7. Analysis systems
  8. Automatic Test Equipments and more...
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Multi-Function Test & Measurement
Cable sets
MX-Foundation is based on a channel-class model and allows users to access all resources using a single API - minimizing learning-curves, maximizing code reusability and optimizing system maintainability and expandability.
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